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Hi, I'm Jen the owner of Heart of the Divine. I'm a Reiki Master and Energy Healing Practitioner. I found Reiki through my spiritual awakening and have been learning all forms of energy healing since. I honestly cannot learn enough of these healing practices. I am very passionate about Energy Healing, and I take it very seriously. I love the feeling of the energy as it comes in through my body it's an amazing feeling. The healing energy is so comforting and relaxing. I also love so much working with Spiritual guides, Archangels, Angels, Ascended master's and all the benevolent beings. My passion is to help people and if I can change someone's life in their highest good that will make me the happiest person in the world. Reiki is all about the universal life force energy and I am forever grateful that I found it because it has helped me grow as a person and I believe it is my life's purpose. My overall health is increased dramatically and has increased my vibrational field. I truly love Reiki and honor it because it has saved my life. I hope that it can give you the healing you are looking for. I look forward in working with each and every one of you! Namaste, XO Jen

Jennifer Garbinski (Me)
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